Name: Roncale, Sean Lennard Jay L.                                       Grade & Section: 9-combi


Directions: Answer the essential questions below according to your experience

in connect6ing  hardware and peripherals of a computer.


1.What is the essence of following the correct procedures in connecting the PC parts?


*to keep the computer technician safe and to avoid damaging the

computer parts.


2. What do you think the main reason why we should never exert to much force when attaching

    the cables of PC part?a


*if we exert to much force the ports or cables will be damage.


3. What is your perspective why the power cable should always be the last on the procedure of

    attaching parts?


*so that the computer technician will be safe while connecting the other cables. Because there is no electricity running in the computer unit.


4. What do you feel when you are doing the activity?


*I feel nervous but I enjoy the doing the activity.


5.As a computer technician why do you think skills is a crucial factor?


*because if you have skill as a computer technician you can prevent accident